Self love is the most important thing you can give yourself and the world. Without loving yourself, you won’t be able to shine your light on the world and offer your gifts and talents. Each of us has a special mission and purpose for being here on the planet, and it is not until we truly love and accept ourselves that we can connect with our purpose. Enhancing your self love will help you discover what your purpose here on Earth is.

What is love? Love is a vibration, an energetic vibration, an energy that moves us, energy that helps us create and transform things, that flows within us everyday; love is the most powerful energy that exists. Love is intrinsic and comes from deep within us. It’s the essence that moves you day by day, a vital impulse.

When we think of the word ‘love’, automatically most of us think about others; we think about who we love: our couple, family, friends, etc. Not many of us think about ourselves.

What would happen if we started turning this love we feel for others, towards ourselves? Would you dare to try? Cultivating this energy of love in us will allow us to later be able to share even more love with others. When I can share my love from a place of inner peace, it is indescribable and much bigger. Everything that we share from love multiplies. If I boost myself up, then I will naturally empower everyone around me.

Dissociating ourselves from the idea that our love is for others, instead of ourselves, will allow us to vibrate in love throughout our day. When we vibrate in love, we will naturally be loving towards others, and we will be able to connect with our soul’s mission. Connecting with the energy of love will bring us peace and consciousness.

And guess what? IT’S SIMPLE, AND FREE! You don’t need to try to connect with love, YOU ALREADY ARE LOVE. You are made of love, you were made from love, all you need to do is set the intention to vibrate in love. Try it now: close your eyes, inhale energy from the universe, bringing it to your heart, say: I vibrate in love, and then exhale, expanding this energy from your heart to the world. Feel the love coming out of your heart. Love expands and multiplies; it is contagious, others will feel it right away. When you look at everything with love, the world changes!