Some people do short detoxes for the weekend or may go on a seven-day detox retreat in a beautiful place…these are good options and may help you feel healthy and vital, for the time being.

In our experience, these small cleanses are helpful as long as they are accompanied by other changes in eating and living habits. If you don’t make changes to gradually eliminate what you know doesn’t belong in the body and heal from emotional pain, the gains will be momentary. It’s like having a dirty shirt, washing it and then getting it dirty again.

A short detox experience may always be engraved in your heart and mind, but if your goal is to live a full life, it’s important to get rid of the old stuff that no longer serves you. It’s difficult to improve the quality of your life and health while maintaining the same poor choices and actions as before, without confronting painful wounds.

Being the best version of yourself requires new habits and healing past pain. Understanding your habits and truly knowing yourself are valuable skills to develop.

What can I do to start habit changes?

It depends on each individual person. It’s important to look at where your main energy drains are. It may be that the necessary changes are in your diet, it may be in starting to exercise, it may be in spending more time on yourself, it may be setting limits- saying no- ending an expired relationship, it may be learning not to demand too much from yourself and accept yourself as you are, it may be becoming more active and getting out of the state of permissive laziness… whatever it is, it’s there waiting for you to change it. If you look deep inside yourself, your heart will guide you to what changes you are needing now!

Dear friends, we send you a warm hug and we support you in any stage and process that you may be in right now. Remember, there are no magic cures. Life requires changes.