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Welcome! We are proud to present you with the most comprehensive and professional training to become a successful Health Coach.

The world is needing Health Coaches now more than ever. Currently the world is experiencing a health crisis. Most people don’t know how to live healthy lives. Doctors and traditional medicine don’t focus on nutrition or healthy lifestyles and our culture prioritizes pleasure over health.

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Now more than ever there’s a global awakening and people are starting to realize that they need to make a change in their lives. People are starting to search for professionals to help them heal and live a more vibrant and meaningful life. Here is where you, future coach, have an important role.

Our course is precisely given in 5 clear sections: Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, Life Coaching, and Simple Marketing & Business Skills

What is the role of a
Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive guide that helps people bring out the best in themselves through positive health and lifestyle changes. Also, our role is to be a mentor that encourages clients to reach their health-related goals by bringing out their full potential.

Why is a Health Coach so valuable?

We all need guidance, accountability and support if we want to be the best version of ourselves. You’ll be able to offer this by helping people in all aspects of their lives, including exercise, nutrition, relationships, spirituality and life purpose.

Why is the AVL program right for me?

Our comprehensive curriculum includes holistic health, nutrition, personal growth, coaching skills and marketing & business training that will make you feel confident and prepared with all the tools you need to help your clients. You’ll create an abundant career while following your passion.

Health Coaching Is On The Rise

As stated by the US Department of Labor, Health Coaching was a $6 billion market in the U.S. in 2017.

People are awakening and realizing that they need to improve their quality of life, but they don’t know where to start and what to do. They are recognizing that they need guidance and support to change their habits and lifestyle, that’s why they are turning to Health Coaches more and more.

People are looking for help to accomplish their health and wellness goals. They are wanting guidance to create an integrative health program for their individual needs and specific circumstances. They need a trusting client-coach relationship that will cultivate lasting change and help prevent and treat chronic conditions.

According to a study, health coaching has empowered people in all aspects of their lives.

Health Coaching is right for me if I…

want to turn my passion for health into a lucrative career

wish to empower others to live a life of health and happiness

am enthusiastic about supporting others to be the best version of themselves

desire to be an agent of change to make the world a more positive place

am looking for a career that makes a difference while getting well paid and feeling fulfilled

love the idea of freedom to work from anywhere I want and having a flexible schedule

Health Coach Benefits

Never again have a boss

Have your own coaching practice or be an entrepreneur and create your own business

Do what you love

Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

Nowadays coaching sessions are mostly done online so you are free to choose your location

Benefits to the AVL Health Coach Training

World-Class Program

Master Professional Health Coaches

Self-paced + 100% Online Learning

Monthly Coaching Webinars

Support from OUR Community

Tutoring Help

Practice Sessions

Optional Individual Coaching Sessions


Live Annual Events

A Coaching Training for All Types of Professionals

If you are in one of the fields below, this certification will help you take your career to the next level. You can greatly benefit from our Health Coaching Program even if you work as a…

Registered Dietitian,
and want to learn a more natural approach to nutrition, and help your clients with overall health.

Pilates, Yoga or Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach and you want to expand your health & nutritional knowledge which is 100% connected and related to the body.

Massage Therapist and you are interested in expanding your knowledge on health so you can help your clients increase vitality, growing your client base.

Life Coach and you want to help your clients reach their health and nutritional goals, expanding your client reach and thus earning more money.

Teacher and want to help transform the world into a better place by teaching your students about healthy eating and healthy habits

Psychologist, Doctor, Kinesiologist, Counselor, Acupuncturist, Dentist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, or Psychiatrist and want to expand your health & nutritional knowledge so you can recommend healthy habits and foods for your patient’s progress.

Nurse or Medical Practitioner and want to help patients with their diet and healthy habits.

Writer and want to communicate with your audience about real health, vitality and nutrition.

Health Coach and you feel there is more about health, vitality and longevity, that previous schools haven’t taught you

What’s in the Training?

Our Vibrant Living Health Coach curriculum is mindfully designed for you to successfully start a new and exciting professional coaching career!

It’s vital that the very first person you help, heal and nourish is yourself! That’s why we’ve divided the Health Coach program into 2 sections:

The first section is the Vibrant Health Program, which is aimed at your personal growth and health, where you’ll learn all you need to know about the body, nutrition and holistic health, so to help others.
The second section is the Health Coach Program, where you’ll finish your training by learning:

Health Coaching skills: how to work with clients, how to communicate effectively, motivate them to achieve their health goals, how to design healthy nutrition programs and much more!

Marketing skills: effective tools to wisely market yourself or your personal business. You’ll learn about Facebook ads, efficient social media strategies and how to attract a lot of clients with our results-proven formulas.

Business skills: you will not only learn about how to start your own personal business or private practice but also, you’ll learn the secrets to have an abundant mindset, how to co-create and manifest abundance in your career.

You will not only help your new clients achieve great health and their life goals, but also your loved ones.

What Sets AVL Apart From Other Health Coaching Schools?


You’ll be guided by a world-leading expert in nutrition, health, coaching, and business.


With our simple & practical online program, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.


Experience: we’ve coached over 12,000 clients, from 135 countries, to achieve their health goals.


Our training also includes personal coaching, practice sessions, tutoring support, monthly webinars and the opportunity to be part of our heart-centered, loving community.


Opportunity to be a member of our professional Health Coach referral list.


The opportunity to attend in-person events at our world-class wellness center in Costa Rica.

The Vibrant Living Health Coach Certificate

As a holistic health and nutrition school with years of experience teaching thousands of students, our certificate represents a unique and complete education that will prepare you to create a successful personal career or work in other sectors of the wellness field. Our program is the most complete in the field by giving you the confidence, tools, knowledge and clarity that no other school provides.

Academy For Vibrant Living Is The Right Fit For Me If I…


Desire to learn the secrets to create an abundant career from successful coaches


Want to learn from a holistic perspective, integrating the body, mind and soul


Prefer self-paced learning that is 100% online


Am searching for a practical training where I can practice coaching sessions which my teachers will supervise


Want a school that offers tutoring help to all students


Envision myself making a living, doing what I love


Desire to start a journey of personal growth


Wish to be part of a community that supports my coaching training


Want to enjoy the journey and have fun while learning

Become a Health Coach, Create an Abundant Career and Live a Life you Love!

Invest in yourself
& your happiness

Vibrant health

(Vibrant Health is a prerequisite for the Health Coach Program)

Pay in Full $3,997

Or 12 payments of $374



Life Time Access


Group Tutoring


Access To Live Coaching Webinars

If you’ve completed the Vibrant Health Program…

and wish to turn your passion into a fulfilling and impactful career, now you can become a certified health coach!




Pay in Full
Or 12 payments of $208


How long will it take me to complete the program?

Some schools offer you a Health Coaching certificate in just 6 months.
We believe that in such a short period of time you can’t learn everything you need to know to be the best health coach possible. That’s why our program is more extensive and may take you longer to complete. We are committed to teaching you everything you need to know to become the best Health Coach possible, to know and understand everything about nutrition, holistic health, coaching skills so that you can do the best job possible.
The program is self-paced. If you’re completely focused on taking the course, you will finish it faster. If you are working and only have a little bit of time each day, it will take you longer. Ultimately, it is up to you but we can assure you that by completing our course, you will be as qualified as possible.

How many hours per week will I need to invest in the program?

Since the program is self-paced, ultimately you decide how many hours you want to invest weekly. Most students dedicate between 2 and 5 hours a week.

Can I pay the tuition with a payment plan?

Yes, we offer payment plans because we believe that money should never be an impediment to not do what resonates with you and your path. Contact us via email, Whatsapp, or a phone call, and we’ll let you know all about our payment plans.

If I work full-time or I’m a full-time parent, can I still do the training?

Of course! As we mentioned before, we’ve designed the program with maximum flexibility for the person who is working and busy or is a full-time parent.

If I’m already a coach, will I benefit from the AVL program?

Definitely! Our training is unique and the most complete program that we’ve seen up to now. Most schools don’t offer as much as we do and the content of our training is extremely valuable. Our program includes Loren and Fran’s successful experience that will greatly enrich your learning! This is a great opportunity to expand your coaching skills and learn about holistic health and real nutrition.

Is it possible to meet my classmates in person?

Yes it is! Once you are a Vibrant Living student, you’ll be invited to attend our yearly event at AVL’s beautiful center in Costa Rica for our 7-day live events. It will be a fun week full of amazing activities in paradise. This event is an opportunity to learn in person from Loren and Fran, share, make new friends and have fun with like-minded people from lots of different countries!

Will I have contact with other students throughout my training?

Of course! You’ll have access to an online forum where you will be able to share ideas, receive support from classmates and ask questions. You will also have the chance to participate in our monthly webinars where you will be able to meet other students.

Are you ready to start this beautiful journey of following your passion and creating a life of success?