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What is the Academy for Vibrant Living?

We are a school determined to change people’s lives by offering a step-by-step process to take your energy & vitality to the highest level possible, achieve optimal health and fully enjoy your life as never before!

And for all of you wanting to turn your passion for health into a rewarding & abundant career, we’ve designed the most comprehensive and effective Holistic Health Coaching Training to become a successful coach and help us transform the world into the amazing place it’s destined to be.

Our Transformational Programs

Take Your Health and Vitality to the Next Level and Unleash Your Unlimited Potential!
100% Online and Self-Paced

Vibrant Health

– Level 1 –

What if you could feel and function at an amazing level of health and vitality?

This complete AVL program is designed for anyone wanting to optimize their health & vitality and live an amazing life.
Having high energy levels will enable you to do all the things you dreamed of and more.
Our amazing curriculum is based on nutrition,
holistic health and personal growth.
Applying what you’ll learn in this course will definitely transform your life forever.

What are you waiting for?

Certified health coach

– Level 2 –

Interested in creating a career that centers around your purpose and passion?

AVL’s Health Coach training program will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to become a certified professional Health Coach
and help others make effective, positive lifestyle changes.
This program will prepare you to start a rewarding and profitable Health Coaching career that sustains the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. The world needs more conscious health coaches!
Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Learn From A World-Renowned Health Expert

With more than 30 years of experience in health, nutrition, business & coaching and having helped over 12,000 people from 135+ countries recover their health and vitality.

The Most Complete Programs

In a profound and simple way for you to learn and integrate easily into your personal life and career. We take a holistic approach to teaching because we believe that wellness and health is not only the food you have on your plate, but also your spiritual, mental and emotional nourishment. Instead of looking at one aspect, we look at the whole being.

Real-Life Results To Transform Your Life

The material we teach creates real-life results to transform your life and help transform the lives of others. All the tools necessary will be provided for you to optimize your health and if taking the AVL Health Coach program, launch a successful coaching business.

100% Online And Self-Paced

The Academy for Vibrant Living gives you the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. Our learning platform allows you to access your course from any device, at any time, with internet connection. It gives you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule.

Tutoring Program

We walk with you along your vibrant living journey. We want you to get the most out of your learning so our programs include tutoring program. The tutoring consists of being able to ask any questions or resolve any doubts you have along your learning journey. This will happen with our AVL teachers via email.

Heart-Centered Community

You will receive support, feedback, motivation, inspiration and human connection from our heart-centered community of passionate coaches and students who believe in changing the world by helping transform one life at a time. We can be the best version of ourselves by inspiring and supporting one another, in cultivating awareness, wisdom, and loving action.

Programs Designed For Your Success!

As our mission is to create a better world by transforming people’s lives, we focused on creating efficient and success guaranteed courses for you to get the most of.

Monthly Live Coaching Webinars

We offer monthly live webinars for our students to ask pending questions, discuss a particular topic of interest and connect the AVL community together. We also have an online forum where students and teachers connect.


I found the Vibrant health course life-changing. I found the course ideal. Although not fully raw yet, I am well on that path.

Anne Gallagher

I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their health and overall living experience! It’s full of solid science, wisdom, and intuitively it all makes so much sense. It’s easy to understand and apply. I’ve been following the program, and I’m feeling incredible and glowing inside out!

Emilie Button

I found the videos all easy to follow and understand. I learnt so much overall, it’s life changing. Thank you for everything Fran and Loren have put together. Great content!!

Laurelle Hendler

After finishing my vibrant health course recently, I wanted to share my excitement and passion for the knowledge I have gained. In short, this course has been nothing but mind blowing. The content is rich and I didn’t want the videos to end. The teachings are priceless. This course is value for money and you get much more than you could ever imagine. Loved every moment of it – had moments of deep thought and emotions and also inspiration and excitement. In fact experienced lots of emotions watching the videos. This is one of the best investments I have made for my health. Thank you Loren and Fran for this incredible journey of awakening! X
Laurelle Burgham

By Optimizing Your Health, You’ ll Find It
Much Easier To…


Connect with your life purpose


Have mental clarity & direction


Be motivated to accomplish your life goals


Be emotionally balanced


Feel happier, lighter and live with optimism


Feel a stronger spiritual connection


Set healthy boundaries and heal relationships


Cleanse & heal your body on an ongoing basis


Make the most of your day and get things done


Want to Exercise


Love yourself

You’re NOT Alone…

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